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Developing a new qualified occupational therapy program in Ukraine: A needs assessment (English)

Association between competencies of biopsychosocial approach and job satisfaction of rehabilitation professionals in Ukraine (English)

Ерготерапія з використанням сенсорної інтеграції (Occupational therapy using a sensory integration) (Ukrainian)

ІСТОРИЧНІ ВІХИ ТА КОНЦЕПЦІЇ ПАРАДИГМИ ЕРГОТЕРАПІЇ – КЛЮЧ ДО РОЗУМІННЯ ПРОФЕСІЇ (Historical milestones and concepts of the occupational therapy paradigm are the key to understanding the profession) (Ukrainian, article 19)

ПОРІВНЯЛЬНИЙ АНАЛІЗ МОДЕЛЕЙ ПРАКТИКИ ЕРГОТЕРАПІЇ, ЯКІ ОРІЄНТОВАНІ НА ЗАНЯТТЄВУ АКТИВНІСТЬ ЛЮДИНИ (Comparative analysis of models of occupational therapy practice, which are focused on occupational performance) (Ukrainian, article 25)


Leaflet about the new study program:
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Promotional video for the new study program
Video about OT profession

Conference Octobre 2021


Video's of the keynote speeches available:
Pierre Seeuws (head of the Belgian OT federation, Belgium)
Dr. Mattheuw Mouilineux (Australia)
Dr. Dominique Van de Velde (Belgium)

Conference May 2023

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Occupational Therapy courses

All courses are in Ukrainian and English

Foundations OT I: course and exam
Models of OT: course
Interprofessional collaboration: course and exam
ICF: course and exam
Research: course and exam
OT assessments: course and exam
Foundations OT II: course and exam
Communication skills: course
Student assessment and internship: course
Social innovation, management and social enterpreneurship: course


The 6th edition of Foundations for Practice in Occupational Therapy by Edward A.S. Duncan has been translated to Ukrainian and is printed on 150 copies. The book is available in the libraries of the 3 participation universities and is distributed to other universities in Ukraine by the National Federation of Occupational Therapy.
Cover of the book

New curriculum

KNU: study program in Ukrainian and English 

PSA: study program in Ukrainian and English

DSPU: study program in Ukrainian and English: see Ерготерапія/Occupational Therapy following the Ukrainian link