European partners

VIVES University of Applied Sciences

We live in a world with major social challenges on a social, economic, cultural, technological, ecological and political level. Coping with these challenges involves an international and sustainable orientation. The idea that we are all part of a changing world and are all interdependent, inspires VIVES University of Applied Sciences to global engagement and international cooperation.

P.PORTO is excellence in higher education, but is also a space of ideas and results in which we make a difference. We are a dynamo of cultural change, in our city, in our region, in our country. We try to meet current demands, building bridges between the academia, the world of work and civil society.


The Therapy for All Persons in All Situations “TAPAS” association is made up by a multidisciplinary team of sanitary and social workers (occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, psychologists, social workers, teachers in special education) from different countries: Spain, Belgium, Finland, Poland, Denmark.

NGO Oradea

NGO Oradea aims of sustainable development and educational support for the benefit of underprivileged children and vulnerable groups in Romania. .
The aim is to empower the society by approaching this groups in a participatory way, to create a multinational and multicultural community.
The NGO led by Dr. Patrick Bellinck does this project since 1990 in Romania.
Since 2012 NGO Oradea has made a bridge to Drohobych Ukraine.